Human-Centric Security as a Science

Apalala SPRL helps organization to implement an evidence-based and cost-effective human-centric security management process.

We provide tailored pragmatic and effective security services to the Belgian TOP 100 and to SMBs since 2010.

What do we do?


Apalala is committed to excellence and is constantly researching and developing new methodologies to better protect your business. We partner with universities to conduct scientific researches in neuro-sciences on security related matters. This gives us a greater scientific knowledge to better prevent human related risks. We have an holistic approach that covers physical security (authorized by the Federal Public Service of homeland), Information security, cyber-security and organizational security.

We are pragmatic by nature. For us, what's important is what works. Our goal is to enable you to achieve your objectives while taking the right amount of risks. Hence, we aim at the maximum efficiency, at the optimal compromise between effort and effects, as security should not be the activity taking most of your benefits away from you. Being geeks, we do not stop at the technological aspects, we encompass the human and organizational aspect of your activities into our work.

Our goal: protecting your business while enabling you to work better.